CSR Overview


At Edra, we care about the well-being and sustainability of the communities in which we live and work. With operations across different geographies, we are committed to our corporate social responsibility as part of a global community.

Capital, Commitment and Continuity – the 3Cs that is the cornerstone of our CSR policy – provides the framework for our community investment programmes in which we commit our financial resources and expertise to ensure a sustainable CSR programme that brings about a positive impact on the communities. 

We actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities by supporting worthy causes that help build a better, sustainable way of life for society. Each facility within the Edra Group maintains active ties with their local communities, supporting community development programmes and working in partnerships with non-governmental organisations to service various community needs.



Our CSR investments are focused on 2 pillars, being sports and empowerment of disadvantaged communities.


Sports is a corner stone in any society, helping build stronger and healthier communities on many levels. With its unique ability to bring people together, sports builds strong team work, team support, and team spirit. At the same time, sports nourishes a society on many levels - inspiring dreams, developing leaders, and nurturing healthy minds, body and attitudes. To this end, sports embodies the values which we firmly believe in, that of developing society or communities in a manner which is positive, involving and motivating to all.

  • Melaka United Soccer Association

    Our partnership with Melaka United Soccer Association (“MUSA”), which is the official football association of the State of Melaka, aims to further develop football in the State, including promoting the game at the grassroots level.

    In 2016, the Group signed a three-year sponsorship deal with MUSA, which owns and manages the “Melaka United” football team.

    MUSA has successfully lifted the game in the State to a new high over the past few years. Melaka United is champion of the 2016 Malaysia Premier League Cup, earning the team a spot in the top-tier Malaysia Super League in the 2017 season.

    The victory came on the back of its earlier success in the 2015 season, having won the coveted trophy in the Malaysia FAM league, and subsequently promoted to the second tier Malaysia Premier League for the 2016 season.

    Team Melaka United embodies excellence, hard work, as well as unity and cooperation - from the able leadership of the State’s Chief Minister to the determination of the players and officials, as well as the enthusiasm and support of the fans at the grassroots level.

    These are the very qualities that football and sports in general, can help promote and develop. As the country’s most popular sport, football can be the catalyst for good in our communities. It has the power to inspire and unite people – young or old, players or fans, rich or poor.

    Our heartiest congratulations to team Melaka United and the people of Melaka. As a sponsor, we are truly proud of your achievements.

Empowering Disadvantaged Communities

Edra is committed to helping uplift the lives of disadvantaged beneficiaries and communities in a sustainable manner. Our approach focuses on empowerment of these disadvantaged communities, encouraging community led initiatives, income generating activities and building capacity through skills training and mentorship support. Strategic partnerships enable Edra to contribute to sustainable social and economic development impactfully.

  • Women of Will

    Our partnership with Women of Will (“WoW”), a non-profit organisation, aims to transform the lives of disadvantaged women and the communities in which they live in. In line with Malaysia’s efforts in eradicating poverty, WoW focuses predominantly on low income women headed households, empowering them to become financially independent by helping them initiate income generating businesses. Single mothers are prioritised, as they are most economically vulnerable, having to support themselves and their children. Many of these women have been abused, abandoned, widowed or live with incapacitated husbands.

    “Teaching women how to fish, rather than giving them fish”. Borrowing from a proverb, WoW empowers the women to initiate and sustain their own small businesses, rather than providing handouts. Micro loans are extended to the women beneficiaries to help them start their own businesses, and loans are repaid on a weekly basis interest free. To help equip the women with the necessary skills to run their businesses, they are trained in an Entrepreneurial Development Program where they are taught the basics of financial management, marketing, communications and other life skills. Additionally, each woman is assigned a business coach for a minimum of 6 months, to guide, motivate and support them in developing their businesses. Funds repaid by the women are then used to fund and help other disadvantaged women and their communities.

    WoW’s success criteria for the women beneficiaries include not only the ability to support themselves and their families financially, but the ability to access better health services, as well as meet their children’s educational needs. These are measured in impact studies which are conducted both pre and post implementation of the programs.

    As Edra moves forward in its partnership with WoW, it is our objective to uplift the women beneficiaries to a level where not only are they able to achieve financial independence, but as nurturers, will be able to grow themselves, their families and positively impact the communities in which they live in.


In Egypt, our initiatives are focused on improving educational infrastructure and health facilities for surrounding communities. We have contributed medical equipment to local clinics, sponsored workshops that provide skills training for the underprivileged, upgraded infrastructure and educational facilities for local schools, and helped to improve the training workshops at a local industrial high school.

Our Suez Gulf plant helped to establish a garment manufacturing workshop for the local community to create a stable source of skills and income for poor women and widows, while the Sidi Krir plant constructed electric poles and cables to significantly upgrade efficiency and safety, thus ensuring a reliable electricity supply to communities in the local area.

In Bangladesh, the Group funded 63% of the construction cost of the USD1.36 million MPL-Ibrahim General Hospital located at Sonakhali, Sonargaon, Narayangan. Managed by the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS), the hospital has 40 beds for inpatients and is sufficiently equipped with various medical facilities to provide outpatient treatment. The Group further augmented its support for the hospital with the donation of an ambulance to serve the local community. 

No matter where we operate around the world, we remain committed to making a difference in the local communities in which we live and work.